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Battery life question

Ok, I know that all the "my battery life sucks" threads can be kinda monotonous and mundane, but I didn't see any for the intercept so I figured it would be ok.

My question is this:

We got my wife the intercept on Friday afternoon. The guy at the Sprint store told us (because I got myself the Epic 4G) that we needed to "train our batteries" in order to get the best service/life from them. He described this as using the phone until completely discharged (From the store, not to initially charge it) and once discharged, plug it in until it's completely recharged. Complete this cycle 3-5 times in order to train the battery. He claims that he did this with his Samsung moment and has never been plagued with the poor batt. life on that device.

We did this for most of friday evening, frustrating as it was, then saturday morning we plugged it in and completely recharged it. It died within 2 hours of setting up ringtones, browsing the market, etc. Needless to say, my wife was pretty honked off.

I'm wondering what other users of the intercept have noticed when they purchased their devices, what they did to alleviate this problem and the like.

What I did notice, for me, my Epic seems to respond well and is doing better w/ the "training" process. Her phone honked her off so much that she exchanged it for another one. What we noticed w/ hers, is under Menu > Settings > About Phone > Status > Battery usage, her Androis system was always contributing to 92% + of the battery "usage" or "draining" if you will.. When I peeked at my Epic (for an apples/oranges comparison LOL) my android system was 2% and my screen was 45% (roughly).. now I do know that her screen doesn't take as much juice as the epic, and I also know that the two devices are way different, but it's all I can use to compare.. We felt that there may have been a software problem w/ her phone so we exchanged it for another one. The new one is doing the same thing. Although, (per request from the rep at the Sprint store) we're going to attempt to give it 4 or 5 days of this "training" process and see if it helps.

Again, not ranting, just sharing my experience and looking for others' experiences as well.

Thanks for sharing.
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