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Re: Newb needs help

Hey, welcome to the forums...

First things first, try searching with google, not just the forums.
I googled: boost mobile touch pro 2
and got lots of useful info.

One guy in this thread gives instructions but to be honest he sounds like a tard... "he write evrythng like a txt msg n sound not 2 smrt kthx lol"... So I dunno if he really got it working or not. In post number 9 another guy sounds like he really got it 100% working with internet etc., but says email him to ask for the files. So who knows if he'll ever reply or help you figure it out.

There seems to be a lot of info in these threads on but I just can't find a simple step-by-step about it. If there were I think everyone would be doing it, it's like 20 bucks less a month. Maybe people who figured it out on their own don't want to just spoonfeed the secret to everyone else. But they'll sell you the info. If you don't mind spending 12 bucks (would be worth it if the info is current and works) here's where you can buy a guide:

And you can buy a pre-unlocked phone on ebay.

If you wanna figure it out on your own, try searching in these long threads:

But it sounds like involves somewhat advanced stuff like flashing a new rom to the phone. I think you should stick with sprint at least a little while, learn a bit more about how this stuff works, then see if you wanna flash a rom (if you can somehow find a rom that has all the settings you need to get started with boost mobile). I also read someone comment that boost's internet was slow, and you gotta worry about stuff like whether the phone stays insured, etc. Did you pay full price for that phone? I hope not, because if you did you kinda got boned, it's already considered an old phone and there's more powerful stuff out now. On the other hand if you paid only 200 or something through a rebate, you probably committed to a 1 or 2 year contract with sprint and can't switch to boost.


For themes, I can understand someone getting confused. The touch pro 2 phone was released with an older version of windows mobile (wm 6.1) and a newer one (wm 6.5). On top of that, the normal windows mobile look and feel is hidden behind a GUI program called HTC Sense aka Manila. That also comes in different versions, 2.1 or 2.5.

What you're seeing on your screen is windows mobile 6.5 with sense 2.5 running on top of it. You can get themes that change sense (which is much nicer to look at than plain windows mobile) or you can get themes that change windows mobile itself.

So in a nutshell, just do a search for theme on here, and when you find posts with themes, just make sure they say manila 2.5 or sense 2.5, or wm 6.5. If they say "titanium" that means they're for windows mobile without sense, which is a little more boring looking imo but might run faster.

Here's an example of manila... not even a whole theme, just a custom clock and some other stuff:

And here's a titanium theme: