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Workarounds/known issues 7/22: Updated for FRX07

In order to cut down on the amount of repeated posts and questions that clog up the forum, the following is a list of the known issues, along with workarounds if present.

Except where indicated otherwise, these issues should affect all builds as these problems are caused by drivers that just haven't been written yet in the kernel (the kernel and drivers are used universally by all builds).
  • Notification LED doesn't notify, but just outputs whether your phone is in sleep (green) or active (orange). If your phone's LED is not turning green while the screen is off, you will get very bad battery life.
  • Light sensor and auto-backlight are completely erratic and essentially non-functional.
  • Proximity sensor is completely not working.
  • Wifi will not connect to WEP, only WPA or unencrypted. Stock Android will not connect to any ad-hoc access points, but a workaround is available. A program called WiFi ACE will let you connect to WEP networks. Furthermore, once turned on, Wifi will never actually turn off again until reboot, so will provide a constant small power drain. It will show as turned off, but power off code is not actually present in kernel.
  • Bluetooth is working except for audio, but there are experimental patches that enable audio.
  • 3.5mm headset jack on CDMA Touch Pro 2's works for listening but has no support for microphone or call/end button.
  • extUSB headset jack works but will often slow the phone down to a crawl, requiring a reboot, on disconnect.
  • Location mostly working in FRX, but there are a number of issues. GPS works but phone will not sleep while satellite location is enabled, draining the battery. Satellite information should first be downloaded in Windows Mobile via QuickGPS or else a GPS fix will take forever. Google Navigation has a high chance of rebooting the whole phone after using it for a while. Everything location is not working in GRX.
  • Battery level reading is pretty inaccurate, best around 50% and least accurate at the extremes. You can make your battery meter accurate by using jonpry's Super Cool Battery Software.
  • Stylus removal/insertion sensor is completely not working.
  • TV Out is completely not working.
  • Zoom Bar is completely not working.
  • Tethering on USB built into Android works in FRX but not GRX, but tethering on wifi built into Android works on both, but is unstable and will crash the system on turning it off. There is a replacement app for wifi tethering called XDAndroid-wifi-tether that works better.
  • Speakerphone mute button on back doesn't do anything. You can replace your rootfs with an alternative that enables them. F22's rootfs
  • Special keyboard keys like mail don't do anything in the default setup. You can replace your rootfs with an alternative that enables them. F22's rootfs
  • Internal memory cannot be usefully accessed except on NAND builds.
  • USB Mass Storage only works if you partition your SD card (anyone want to write a guide to this?).
  • Shutdown will occasionally mess up the contents of the card when using non-NAND builds. Generally not a problem, but over time file system may build up with errors and need a reformat. Also, files with names like FSCK001 will appear in your SD card's root and need to be deleted.
  • Video playback works for low resolutions, but high resolutions such as Youtube HQ have only audio. This can be alleviated with highlandsun's experimental codecs.

You might look at that list and think whoa, but all core features are working, and I've been running it on my Touch Pro 2 as my main OS quite happily.

If I'm missing anything, just let me know and I'll add it to the list.

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