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The WinX DVD BIG BIG Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

If you were around about a month back - you might remember our giveaway of WinX DVD software to users who commented on the review we made in the news section. Well now we're taking things a step forward in this NEW Big BIG Giveaway!

WinX approached us with a new program of giveaways where they're throwing more than a $100,000 worth of their software to spread the word on their software that we recently reviewed - and we've been given a chance to help spread the word!

So here's the deal! We're giving out 120 Keys! If you want to be in it to win it, here's how!

Alright - this one's the EASY giveaway, and you don't have to do much at all to get in!

For Starters - Follow us on Twitter! If you don't have Twitter, you can signup by clicking HERE!

Second, Send us a Tweet, and include the callsign #PPCGeeks, if you have no idea of what to sent, try a message like this!

I Just Entered The PPCGeeks Twitter Giveaway @ #PPCGeeks
We'll randomly pick SIXTY people who simply make an account and post the #PPCGeeks Message. We'll be checking to make sure you did it! By sending out the #PPCGeeks Message, you are entered! However, you must be following PPCGeeksDotCom as well so we can contact you.


This one's just as easy as the twitter one, simply log into Facebook (We know you all have it!) and Like Us. After you Like Us, Send a Message to me with your name and i'll add you to the list to win. Remember! We WILL backtrace you with a Visual Basic GUI to ensure you have liked us on Facebook!


If you enter and win our Twitter contest, you'll get a brand new copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum!

And if you win our Facebook contest, count your luck on a copy of WinX HD Video Converter, Deluxe!


BOTH contests now will end the 15th and opportunities left open for people to still enter!

Stay tuned for more giveaways and contests - we have some big stuffed planned for the coming Fall!


Laos101 AKA Josh.

P.S. The Fine Print.

By entering the contest - you agree that we may announce your name as a winner, if you do not want your twitter handle / Facebook name to be used, you can provide us a Forum Account Name to announce instead. You will have 48 hours from notification of winning to claim your key, if you do not claim your key it will be revoked and given to another random winner. If less than 60 people enter for either contest, then we will hand out all keys to participants and the remainders will be used for another event.

Facebook names will be removed after the contest ends from my PM account - you won't receive any strange messages from me, I promise!

NOTE: If you win the twitter contest, you will be direct messaged or notified on twitter. if you win on Facebook, you will be contacted via the forums.

hey all! I've decided to add another bonus to the contest.

If a user on twitter retweets your message- you get an extra vote that you can potentially win two keys with! One for you and one for your friend!

However if 20 people retweet it still counts only as one extra point

One last thing! If you already follow us on twitter or like us on facebook- you can still enter by tweeting or pming me as per each contest

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