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Re: |RHODCMDA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Aug 25| 21914|23678 * Sense 2018

Seems with bluetooth it takes up to almost 10 seconds from the time I press the button on my jawbone2 to hang the call, to when the phone actually hangs the call. dont know if the other person just hangup first and the phone hung the call, or it just takes that long now for the device to hang a call. Hope NRG really reverts back to when the Bluetooth stack was working better. I use the bluetooth alot at work and on the road.

I guess how many folks are having issue and how many are able to answer and hangup quickly with their devices?

Found this topic with a cab, have not tried it however:
Sprint CDMA HTC Hero

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