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Re: Loving The Epic 4G

Originally Posted by Aleki View Post
how would you rate the battery life, compared to the evo? My mom wants the phone, and she would like a device that can make it through a good chunk of the day.
Well, right now I'm playing with it so much that it's not making it through the day without a top off. I only got to play with an EVO for a day before the 2.2 update hit, so I don't know how the Epic with 2.1 is going to compare to the EVO with 2.2.

I think with moderate usage, and being conservative with 4G, the Epic should make it the day, but will CERTAINLY need to be charged at night. Right now, according to the battery stats, about 60% of the battery is going to the screen (I have auto-brightness set, might disable that and go with a low set brightness).
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