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Smile Re: Loving The Epic 4G

Originally Posted by JickBahTech View Post
The camera is pretty decent. I can't say if it's any better or worse than the EVO, but it functions REALLY well in good light for a 5MP shooter.

Direct sunlight:

Shade during the day:

Low light isn't great. ISO cranks so high that fine detail gets a little water-color-y. I was actually kind of impressed that I could pull off the shot at all, so it's actually a plus for the camera.

Low light:

The 720p video is not great. Like the EVO, it's SERIOUSLY compressed. If I had to give the iPhone camera any victory over the Epic camera, it does put video out at a higher bit rate.

In all it's a solid performer. I'm not sure there are going to be any noticeable strengths or weaknesses over the EVO camera with the exception of resolution.
Thanks for the pics! Definately better than my TP1! Not too bad for a phone. thanks again!
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