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Re: Upcoming prototype WP7 device from LG - quick hands on impression!

Why are there so many negative WM/WP7 comments? I'm actually looking forward to the new offerings from MS. I want full working two way MS Office integration like I had with my TP2. My Evo/Android is still lacking all around common video codec support, it's still not as easy to play all the various file formats I could on my TP2, not to mention 2.2 f-ed up my Slacker sound quality even with the "fixes" it still sounds too hollow and tinny. As for WP7, maybe they really should have named it Zune Phone but in any case the Zune HD is extremely fluid and intuitive. I like the proposed WP7 interface based on my SPB MS 3 themes I ran on my TP2 which ran fast and were really easy to use. Aesthetics is nice but functionality is more important to me. I'll admit that it does kinda suck our old software probably won't natively run on WP7 but oh well just buy some new stuff you like or try to figure out how to port it if possible.

Android is new, I like it. At least there is the app store to get most of what's missing by default in it like a file explorer (Root Explorer for me) All in all I don't really care what OS I run as long as it does what I want it to do, same goes for hardware maker. I just want a powerful portable all in one device for apps(utilities/games), cam/vid and multimedia, surfing/email and communication. Last year it was the TP2, right now it's the Evo, soon it will be the Epic to get back full landscape use and have a keyboard, then later this year, depending on Sprint's offerings, it may be a new WP7 handset. I wish there were some high end WP7 choices right now to give WM another chance but I will probably burn my new phone credit on this Epic soon. Good review/early look, I'm just tired of seeing constant bashing before they even give it a try.
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