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Re: Loving The Epic 4G

Hey gTen, I don't have a camera on me, so I'll take a pic when I get home. I have not used any other TouchWiz devices. I've only played with Sense on Android, so I can't say what the difference would be between TW2.5 and TW3. From what I can tell it's lacking some of the customization features like editing number of homescreens from the Home Menu Edit, and the same ability to customize the app view (just grid or list). Quite a few of the TW3 apps and widgets are missing too. Comparatively, the Epic is just a smidge closer to stock android than the other Galaxy phones.

Hey Strickly, I have not had ANY lock ups charging over the two nights I've had it.
Did you want me to post pics from the camera during day and night?
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