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Just some questions-Intercept

First one is, is there a way to add more home screens? Without installing a new home screen app.
If not, what is the best home screen app? The only ones I can find lag the phone pretty bad.

Another one is, does anyone know how to use this phone as a wireless router without rooting it?
Cause I'd like to be able to use it when I'm around and need a connection on my laptop and I can't see to get it tethered via the cable.

And the 3rd question is, what is the best image viewer app?
I can't find one that has zoom, drag and flick to go to the next image. They all support one or the other, but not all.
Astro don't zoom, and with the default picture viewer I have to hit the back button to view the next image instead of just hitting a next button o flicking to go to the next.

Any help is appreciated.
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