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Re: |RHODCMDA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Aug 18| 21914|23678 * Sense 2018

Hi. I'm a recently Sprint pro2 user and I still have its stock rom;
For the last weeks I've been following this thread reading energy's users feedback about the roms and since the cooker said that Aug22 build would be stable I'm thinking that it's time to flash the phone with this one. Each time he releases one, I wait some days before trying it but as some minor bugs are described I keep waiting until next one lol
but I think that this is the one
I've done my reading, but only to be sure I need:
more than 50% battery; hard-spl; flash the rom; (and sprint keyboard fix I think). I also read about a "sprint mms cab settings" and "provision phone", do I need this? I'm using TMN, a Portuguese carrier and the phone automatically did all data and mms network settings; I'm not understanding if those cabs refer to Sprint carrier user settings or actually are for all people using sprint Pro2 despite its carrier...
Another thing, I'm going to choose 21914 Build but not sure about which version...
NRGZ says that Cookie Energy it's the best version, maybe I'll follow its chef opinion; what's the mainly differences between this one and Standard Energy? Only the tabs customization? I also like the white GTX theme... It's possible to choose i.e. standard energy and then apply only the GTX theme, right? Or that's a mistake and it's better to flash the cookie GTX rom instead?
I'm awaiting your opinions and advices, sorry for all this noobie questions.
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