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Re: Grayed out LED notification options fix

Originally Posted by ruskiyab View Post
Not sure how many of you noticed, but the option to flash LED on a new text message, email, voicemail and missed call is grayed out and disabled in the Sounds and Notifications Settings.
Here's a Fix:

If you have TF3DConfig 0.6.7 Installed:
1. drop the attached tweaks.xml file into Program Files/Diamond TF3D Config/
2. Open Diamond TF3D Config
3. Open the "Tweaks" Tab and check the bottom four options

If you do not have TF3DConfig 0.6.7 installed, you can change the following registry settings:

Text message LED:
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Email LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Voicemail LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Missed Call LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

TF3D config is available here
A free registry editor is available here

For those having problems with TF3d Config not working, dropping in my XML file will make it work on the PRO
i have a TP2..i downloaded the LED cab file from another thread and it enabled the checkbox but the light still blinks (enough 2 drive me insane) what's the registry file info for my phone so i can get rid of this thing!?!
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