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Re: |RHODCMDA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Aug 13| 21911|23129 * Sense 2018

Originally Posted by chaosbuzz View Post
Hey guys-I am having the same problem as most-sense won't load after phone is on charger. Also, how to I add MMS back-I have an arcsoft cab but it is from 2/10 and it doesn't work. Where can I get the newest arcsoft?
Originally Posted by jamal33 View Post
so I have to flash to stock now while i am on Energy then re-lock it to run the update(* 228 ) then unlock it to install NRGZ latest and greatest Rom?

also are we supose to be flashing stock 6.1 or stock 6.5?

Like they said, you don't need to reinstall arcsoft again just to get it to work. These roms come with arcsoft ready to go, you just need to put server add specific to your carrier. For sprint, you can just run provisioning or the cab that put in the server add for you found under this rom's attached files. Then of course if you want to send anything too big for their liking check out my signature. stock 6.5 would do just fine. And I tried running PRI and PRL and profile update on the 8/10 rom, they seem to work. So try running those update tools before flashing back just to update those. And you do not need to relock anything when doing any of these.
EDIT: again not reading anything carefully these days: the flashing radio doesn't require any unlocking. It is only for people who want to use CDMA phones on US GSM carriers. I usually flash radio when i'm doing task 29 as you can use radio instead of splash screen. Just make sure the radios are not ending in WU (if I remember correctly) But if the endings are WF you're fine. But do check out the thread below. Don't be scared at what they say about security unlock. As long as you stay with sprint's current one you're fine.
Originally Posted by DaveTN View Post

And yes, my friend, I am overclocking now. Nothing big, just playing it safe at 710, but NRG ROM 8/13 CHT 23xxx is screaming. Love it!

Congratulations to you!!!!! I have spent equal amount of time with 710 and 748. Let me tell you, you can still feel the difference between the two. So give 748 a try. In fact, I had a few freeze ups with 710 but I haven't had any with 748............. so go figure. Anyway, seeing what it takes to get to VIP status, I give up. I thought I was half way then I realized after seeing you..... I am long way away.
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To get MMS send and receive limit to 5MB

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