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Re: |RHODCMDA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Aug 10| 21911|23128 * Sense 2017

Originally Posted by DaveTN View Post
I would try it without hypnotics battery cab. Just to see if there is a difference. I don't use any battery tweak cabs and my battery life is quite good.

Try that and see if it helps. And, even though it drops to 87%, what really matters is how long overall it will last. I use my battery indicator as a reference, not the gold standard.

You may also want to try a soft reset to see if that readjusts the counter. Just a thought but it may work.

Finally, try letting your battery totally discharge and then charge it fully. USE your AC charger, not your USB cable. USB cables take tooo long to charge anyway and can be wonky at times.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I only tried Hypnotics Cab after experiencing this problem for a while. I have reset a few times and always charge with AC charger. Once it hits 87% it discharges at what seems to be a normal rate. Weird.
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