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Re: Mms working with sec. Unlocked cdma tp2 on gsm network!!!

Originally Posted by jstevenj View Post
I have the standard rom... at least I haven't loaded another one. will this work for my unlocked verizon phone using at&t. sorry for asking a dumb question but I am new to this and really want to get my mms working.

If you go to all messages, menu, MMS options, GSM Servers - you will see Verizon Wireless is the only option you have here. The option to create new or set as default are greyed out. This is where I think the problem is but I can't figure out how to change it.
by standard rom do you mean the stock verizon rom the phone came with when you got it? and if you only see the option for verizon in mms settings, then im almost positive you have the stock rom AND you havnt installed my CAB..... which also tells me you probably havnt read my post..... i know its a long post but like i said in the begining of it, i did it to be very explanitory so anyone could understand. if you actually read it, chances are you would understand how i got mms to work and that im not positvie on why or how it is. not trying to be an ass but i feel i typed a long enug post with very detailed info enuf for anyone to understand how i got it to work. i know your a noob and so am i but im not spoon feeding when i know for a fact that the answer to your question is clear as daylight in post #1. thats why the people in post #3 and 4 got theirs up and running with no questions asked....

but to be nice, i will tell you this much, as of now you will have to flash one of XYC's roms and install my cab or you are SOL...
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