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Re: |RHODCMDA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Jul 24| 21911|23673 * Sense 2016

Originally Posted by teradog View Post
My 2 cents on which ROM.. lot's of complaints & discussion... here's my last couple of weeks...

..was really sick of 569, it was out forever & I didn't like the build in the first place.
- went to 911 even though i don't like start & X key at top, also always had issues getting into settings with win key
- jumped to 673, loved it, but all kinds of strange stuff happened (disappearing icons tried spacing got a little better, kept jumping back to home, bunch more
- jumped to 121 asap & LOVE IT. don't know why they went so far back in numbering.. didn't bother to google... all icon issues, home jumps, etc.. went away. started overclocking & runs lightning fast
- a new 673 was post a couple days ago.. no thanks, to many issues with it the first time.. (but NRG said he messed with the timing.. so perhaps that fixed most issues).. I'd probably jump to it, but I have no reason to. All my voice stuff works perfect all together in harmony for the first time in any rom.. MSVC, TELLME, BING & GOOGLE. Happy camper..

** just my 2 cents
u got tellme to work properly? ie the screen working also?

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