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Re: |RHODCMDA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Jul 24| 21911|23673 * Sense 2016

Originally Posted by BfA View Post
It's on two diff computers (xp, 7 - core i7 etc) with two different usb cables that have both had it work before. That's what makes this weird.
Ok, so I plugged in the usb from the XP computer today and got this message:

"The charging current it not enough for device power consumption. Please shut down unused applications, or switch to ac adapter."

What does this mean? It would have to be something on the new July 24 23763 Dinik rom as I've recharged my phone many times in the last year from this laptop. Does anyone have any idea what setting? I'm also running nothing no programs on the phone after I closed Slacker radio.
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