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Re: |RHODCMDA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Jul 24| 21911|23673 * Sense 2016

I know that everyone is excited about getting new ROM's to flash but it seems like there is a whole list of complaints that follow. I've been flashing custom ROM's on several phones for many years and here is a tried and true method that in almost all cases negates any issues.
  • Make sure your battery is FULLY CHARGED
  • Connect via Active sync. (Make sure you can browse your storage card)
  • Hard reset
  • Task29 (I DO NOT usually do this - personal preference) See links at bottom of this post if you want to learn more about TASK29
  • Flash your new ROM.
  • (I prefer to NOT USE Sashimi or XDA-UC)
  • Let things settle in a bit and start loading your customizations one at a time. I start with "MyPhone" to restore my contacts. If all runs well, I'll do my email configuration next.
  • Wait a day and see how tings go. NRG has a pretty good set of included apps so I can make due without any extras for a bit.
  • Start loading personal apps ONE BY ONE and see how things run after each before moving on to the next. Each app that you add will take up some of the memory so adding a whole bunch will eventually eat up enough to slow things down.
Text messages - do you really need to back up and restore 1000 texts? The more you save, the SLOWER sense is.

Battery - every time something polls data, it consumes battery. Do you really need to check the weather every hour? I set mine for every 6 hours. Can you live without PUSH mail? I have mine set to check every 3 hours. Alos, is location service that important for you? They all consume energy. Just by making those changes, I can get a good 24 to 36 hours in a weak signal area.

Read the FAQ's on the first page. There is lots of useful info there. EDIT: oops, sorry, no FAQ's yet.

Keyboard not working? See the downloads thread and look for your particular "carrier" keyboard fix.

Browse the attached files (the paper clip icon) for NRG ROM. Lots of useful things like Arcsoft MMS fix, Keyboard Fix, etc. EDIT: Heres a direct link:

Read the last 20 pages. More than likely, what you have been looking for has been answered in the last 20 pages. Trust me on that.

Soft reset. A soft reset will usually cure many ills. You can add a shortcut link (quicklink) for soft reset. NRG has included it as a feature in his ROM. So, if you have a case for your phone, you son't have to pop it off every time you have to SR.

Storage Card. Many issues are related to storage cards. If you are having problems, remove your storage card and see if they go away. Class V and better is a good choice for speed.
A couple notes on storage cards. They do have their limits to the number of reads and writes and eventually will die. Back up your data to a computer. Defragging a storage card is like peeing on a forest fire. Its useless. Formatting is necessary only very infrequently and will only buy you time if you have a failing storage card.
There has been a rash of conterfeit storage cards that even the big manufacturers fell prey to - Kingston, SanDisk, etc. The cards were very good knockoffs but the quality was substandard. (Read the article on

HTC Folder on storage card. There has been some discussion about random hangups and freezes. To fix this, navigate to the Application Data folder on your storage card and delete the HTC folder inside the Application Data folder.

SOD/Freezup? This tip is provided by lbcary: Disable arkswitch by removing the arkswitch shortcut from your startup files and program files. Since arkswitch is cooked into the ROM, it can not be "uninstalled" but you can prevent it from starting.
I had a total of 8 SOD's after flashing 09/08 and after following lbcary's advice, the SOD's went away.

Customizations, Task bars and Eye Candy. Run the ROM of you choice as it is for a few days. Loading all your task bars and other non-standard eye candy is just going to cause problems. Let things settle in first for a few days before you add it in.

Eye Candy. Yes, the billowing and moving clouds are great and I reallly like the lightning and especially the windshield wiper. But do you really need it on the home screen? Is the second hand that important? There was a post a few weeks ago that mentioned that the second hand was left out of cookies roms by default becuase it caused some problems. Having problems, slow downs? Turn off the eye candy.

Carrier Provisioning: If you can't get data to work, you can manually provision for your carrier. Start > Tools > Carrier Provisioning. Choose your carrier and save the settings.

Problems Tethering? This tip is provided by PPCG member Sly. If you are unable to tether, put your sim card back in its slot and tethering should start working correctly. If you don't have a sim card, buy a blank one off ebay and it *should* work.

Add ons and such: NRG Specific addons can be found here: EnergyROM ROM Downloads

Still Having Problems? Then you may have experienced what many call a "Bad Flash". There's many reasons for a bad flash but many agree that the best way to fix the problem is to redownload the ROM from NRG's download site, unzip and follow the flash procedure all over again. Sounds kind of crazy but it does work. So if you've exhauseted all other options, try redownloading and reflashing. Thanks Kozmo for the tip.

This is just some of the things I do and I have almost NO problems with the ROM's I flash.

EDIT: Info about Task29 for those interested. Two very informative and useful threads. (Don't forget to thank the threadstarters for the info)

I hope this helps.


If you want a little more COMPREHENSIVE help, Teradog has posted a very detailed HOW TO here: Very informative and worth reading if you need flashing info.

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