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Re: |CDMA Rhodium|¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- 'Energy' |Jul 10| 21908|23569 | MaxSense / Sense 201

Originally Posted by ThrottleAbuse View Post
I had tons of issues with this. If you make a .lnk file for tom tom and save it to your storage card you can use a mortscript to run in the XDA_UC folder. I am attaching mine as an example. You will need to adjust the names and such, but it should give you a good idea. It will copy to whatever folder you specify. Just edit in notpad and save it with a .mscr extension. I use it to copy a few ringtones and stuff. It should work no problem for you.
Thanks for the attachments... however I'm still puzzled as to how to make a shortcut to my .exe , I only have TomTom Navigator.exe on my storage card and don't have a .lnk file associated, do I just add the .exe like this?

"Copy( "\Storage Card\TomTom Navigator.exe", "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\GPS\TomTom Navigator.exe", TRUE )"
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