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Re: ROMs and Kernels for the Inc

ok, so i never bought an alarm clock cause i found out i can only set one time for the alarm, i got so used to having multiple on my phone. anywho, that all lead me to a different rom....

the link below is to the rom i have been running for a couple days now "pmf v1.1"

so far i love it. its pretty much just a stripped down stock rom. no sense, no bloatware. it has been very snappy, a noticeable difference from sense stock. i have had absolutely no bugs, force closes or crashes yet. i did not have to install any stock apps or anything. it came pre loaded with some essential stuff, like superuser, and wifi tether, and some others. and best of all...a WORKING alarm clock! haha.

it also has the stock android 2.1 lockscreen which i prefer over the sense version. however i noticed in the lockscreen you can only select between speaker and silent for the volume setting. there should be a vibrate option as biggy though.

if you are looking to flash your first rom, i'd say start here. its very stable, and is very close to the stock feel, without sense.

it also comes with launcherpro pre installed. i love this home replacement, and the dev on it is very quick to update it. it seems like every week there is an update with new features. give it a shot

so yeah, come on people, let get some more reviews of roms and kernels going here! i'll probably be trying a new kernel this weekend. and gonna try enabling JIT tonight...i will report back on how that helps
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