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Re: The Smoothest running Android Sense 2.1 experience ever with latest rootfs 07/01/

Originally Posted by jamice4u View Post
I have not used Energy ROM in a while. I just like the smoothness of the Plutonium & Neodium ROMs from Vin. I would tell the maker of the energy ROM about this problem maybe there might be a bug in his ROM.Below are some common reason your ROM would not install.

1. Trying to install the ROM into the internal memory of the touch pro 2.
2. Having the SIM card in the phone.
3. Maybe install the wrong version of the ROM on the work network for example install the sprint rom with rhod500 which is used for verizon.
4. Not having enough memory on your sd card.
Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I finally just retorted to doing it old fashion way. Make an image backup of my Energy ROM, then reinstall the stock ROM, and then Install the .CAB version which makes the network connection work fine ( NO wifi and GPS). And the reinstall EnergyROM, then Restore my backed up Image. Long step but worth it
I have an 8GB Micro SD card with 7GB space left, I installed the right Sprint Stock ROM, and have no SIM Card inserted.
I think it's just EnergyROM. Its not the first time that the installation of .cab file has failed me on his ROMS.
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