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Exclamation Official frame cracking thread

It seems that through some searching, a hardware issue is emerging with the EVO 4Gs that isn't receiving much attention.
Now I am generally take excellent care of all my phones. I figure if I buy it, and it costs THAT much money, then I'll take care of it. The problem is that near the three actual hardkeys on the unit (particularly the power button) the plastic casing is cracking. Now my phone hasn't received any hard falls that would have created this crack. After some searching, it appears many others are having this problem. When I went into my local Best Buy today, their display unit (tethered to a stand) had a crack near the power button. Hopefully this will get some recognition with Sprint and HTC so they can fix the issue on future devices, and start replacing the broken units.

I borrowed this pic from lipidfats post #25 in this thread. Mine is in the same place, just straighter.
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