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Re: The Smoothest running Android Sense 2.1 experience ever with latest rootfs 07/01/

Originally Posted by Damionix View Post
I don't even get to that step. I just click to start installation and immediately it says installation unsuccessful. I have never had any luck with Cab installtion of these Android installation
I tried the .Rar Version and when I use it the Sprint Network does not come on. Network Connection and APN are greyed out.
No option to even create the Sprint APN and, I don't know what else to do.

The Cab version will not install on EnergyROM, when I use stock, it installs just fine. And network work. But I when I switch to EnergyROM, it always says installation Unsuccessful immediately I try to lunch the application to install.

Anyone has an input here. I have the latest RootFS and all. Dont know what am doing wrong
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