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Random Reboots

These are random reboots for the last few days. please comment on if you get any give details please to help us get this into a great rom. If you don't mide trying to cause this issues please do so and post your findings. It is looking like you need to do a few reboots once you install the rom and it starts to settle down with JIT. Vamp's kernel does fix a lot of issues so you can try that also. Again please comment on reboots in detail.
Thanks DC13

derebigg - playing robo defense.

PartsGuy1 - trying to use the market and nothing would load and then it just rebooted. Other than that it was okay.

PartsGuy1 - trying to answer a call and when i slid to answer it rebooted. Other than that it was okay.

Joeseph Mother - problem using setcpu, the phone didn't want to wake up right after being on 266mhz for sleep/standby to 800mhz while running.
LSanna1488 - Running LauncherPro, 4 times it froze. (give it a few moments to load up everything when u first install)

Shepscrook - I got a phone call and unplugged my phone from the charger so I could talk and it rebooted. (JM tried and couldnt cause this issue)

Shepscrook - lockup while sending a text using Swype.

Shepscrook - lockup switching to the "messages" tab in OSMonitor.

slaxer07 - installing apps on to the phone with astro, (but i have installed otherapps with astro since with no problem)

slaxer07 - And when trying to make a phone call it locked on the screen where its trying to connect. The call was not from the dialer though it was from the shortcut when reading a text.

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