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Q and A / APPS

Questions and Answers

Q HampTheToker - 10.3 MFlops? Overclock?!?!?
A Not any more at 10.3. No over clock yet.

Q godzilla77 - Do I need to flash DE03 with recovery first and then apply this in boot recovery?
A Yes DE03 w/ recovery is needed first. Back up everything that you need. Then in recovery wipe the phone then install the rom.

Q zetec - Is there any chance you'll be releasing another barebones rom? No third-party apps bundled, with the exception of whatever hacks (google voice > nuance button, JIT, etc) that operate behind the scenes?
A The first update is going to a barerom but will still have a few apps. They can be taken out of the rom before a flash though if needed.

Q dreamsforgotten - Any of the problems with JIT on this rom, random reboots or freezes. The most stable JIT I ever tried locked up about twice a day and lagged before letting me actually answer phone calls to the point I missed them.
A So far it seems good but the 2 tests are on a ship. So a real test cant happen.

Q DCRocks - Is the "UPDATE- bad news" only that it is running at 8 something mflops? Please tell me thats all it is! This ROM sounds awesome, any ETA on the vanilla version yet? I can add my own apps back as needed.
A The BARE is out loaded is in sept.

Q sethrd - I would love to try this, except I hate the 3d gallery. It never processes all my images.
A Let a thumbnail be created the bigger the image the longer it will take. tested using my Nikon D300s Canon Rebel XTi and my phone.

Q JOSH.M - Awesome. Is it already de-odexed?
A Yes and it is a english only rom also to make it so small.

Q JOSH.M - Can we theme this rom?
A Yes it is themeable

Q RoadZombie - does it have a theme or is it stock?
A It uses launcher pro

Q bahal - Hey I am try to install your Rom and I get cnat format ssytem failure at line 2. can someone help me. Thnx
A Be sure you are rooted look up top for the link.

Q HipKat - One thing, what stock apps are on here?? And if there are some I want that aren't included, where can I get them?? (I doubt there's much I'd want, tbh)
A I took out all that I can you will need to download all the sprint apps along with map, street and many more. How I get mine is I will take a rom that has the apps if I cant find them in market and then put them on my SD card then using ASTRO i will install new ones.

Advanced Task Killer
startup manager
3d gallery
gps tracker
handcent sms
root explorer
where's my droid

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