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Re: Rooting & Themes-The Basics Please

As far as themes being cheesy, many of them are. You just have to find the right ones. I prefer dark/black ones with minimal design. Not too colorful, no gaudy images. Just simple, gradual gradients and whatnot.

This is my current setup as an example:

Originally Posted by xxmillertimexx View Post
1. Can overclocking overheat your phone? Can it damage any part of the phone?

3. And after all, I can honestly say that I don't need all the extras-I don't need wifi tethering or any of the speed boosts and all that-isn't that what Froyo is gonna give us anyways? I mainly want a different theme, I get tired of always using a different home launcher.

4. And updates; lets say that 2.2 comes out next week and I root-how do I get my phone to accept 2.2? What's the point of rooting when you have upcoming updates which will make the phone way more then it already is?
1. Overclocking CAN make it run a little hotter but the app that overclocks (SetCPU) has a built in "FailSafe" profile. You can set it to any temperature and when your phone hits that temperature, SetCPU will drop the CPU speed down to whatever you choose. So you can set that failsafe temp as low as you want to avoid unwanted heat.

3. Kinda. Froyo will add wifi tethering on some phones but so far it looks like the Droid won't be getting it. It also won't overclock. It WILL add JIT and improve performance a lot but now imagine that PLUS overclocking. Super fast. Also, everything Froyo will add WILL be in ROMs in no time. Sometimes ROMs get the code and release new features before updates even hit the network.

4. When an update comes out, it only takes a few minutes to download it and install it if you think that you'd rather have the new update than a rooted phone. Official updates will remove root. Now what most rooted people do is just wait a little while. Once an update is released, ROM builders usually have a rooted version out right away or at least take all the features from that new update and integrate them into their ROM. ROMs will always have more features than official updates, that is just how it is. I already have Apps2SD, wifi tether, wired tether, PIN lock, etc. Those are main points of Froyo.

Another thing to think about are small features that may not seem big but are handy. I am running CyanogenMod right now. Some options I use all the time that come with it are:

- While phone is sleeping, hold Vol up/down to change tracks in Music
- Change the "User Agent" on the browser to make it think you're on a Desktop.
- Change the color of the clock, notifications, "Verizon Wireless" label, etc with a simple dialog.
- Remove the clock from status bar with a simple check box.
- Change vibration and LED color for text messaging.
- "Turn over silence" silences ringtone when phone is flipped.
- Set custom message on the lockscreen using Settings.
- Hide the "USD Debugging" notification.
- Remove unwanted apps like Amazon, Facebook, VisualVoiceMail, etc.

Those are just a few. None of the above requires any special apps, its all built into the rom. There are also a lot more settings in the Phone, Messaging, and Browser apps.

Hope this helps a little.
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