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Group Texting on Evo 4g

How is it for group texting? I manage a dozen teams of people, about 50-60 each and growing, I regularly need to send out messages to all members of multiple groups. Last month I used over 22000 Text Messages!

Currently I'm using a TP2 and a small group contact app to select a group or 2 and send a text to the entire group. Tends to take a few moments per group and while it's sending, I can't receive texts until the batch is done. Anyone have any experience with group texting? Anyone willing to run a few tests for me and let me know the results?

Also, how easy is it to manage groups on the 4g/google? I currently use Outlook to manage my groups. I've played with the android port on the tp2 for a limited time (too busy actually using my phone to play with it). I was able to export my contacts from outlook to google and the groups did show up in the 2.1 w/sense port I played with, but how is it working with them on a daily basis in google?

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any input you have to offer!
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