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Re: Rooting & Themes-The Basics Please

I completely understand where everyone is coming from-it must get frustrating to have all these posts about rooting. Also:

1. Can overclocking overheat your phone? Can it damage any part of the phone?

2. CPU Frequency? I have NO idea what that means. My guess is that you control what programs are running and how much of the CPU they're using?

3. And after all, I can honestly say that I don't need all the extras-I don't need wifi tethering or any of the speed boosts and all that-isn't that what Froyo is gonna give us anyways? I mainly want a different theme, I get tired of always using a different home launcher.

4. And updates; lets say that 2.2 comes out next week and I root-how do I get my phone to accept 2.2? What's the point of rooting when you have upcoming updates which will make the phone way more then it already is?

And thanks for a detailed reply, it really did help.
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