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Re: Another look at Android memory management, and why task killers are not bad

Originally Posted by yjbeach View Post
If people do not want to use a Task Killer they can go to Settings> applications and do a force close
There is also a another area called "Runnings Services" Which you can also close. I have them both as icons on my screen for fast easy ways to shut down programs.

yes but in "Applications" you have to open EVERY one to see if it's running or not. I just played with it and noticed I had things running havent used for days(and i shut down to charge EVERY night). it would take me an hour to go through them all. time for ATK i think.

Unless I'm missing something. do you know how you tell whats running without clicking on it.(in applications)

EDIT: WOW!!!!!!!!! just by shutting down the few programs I had time to find that were running made my batt much better. I know it's not an exact science but I use my phone basically the same every day (used for and at work). by 3:00 i put on charger so i can get through the rest of the day and it's usually at 50 to 60%. i tried the shut down trick while it was at 78%(around 2:00) and now at 3:45 it's at 74%. Much better!!!!!
The Imagio is the best phone I have EVER owned !!!!!!!!

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