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Rooting & Themes-The Basics Please

Now, before you jump the gun and yell at me for this thread, I KNOW there are thousands of posts on rooting, how-to root, and the benefits of rooting. I understand the basics, such as backing up and what not, considering I flashed rom's for TP. But, it is so different from flashing a rom that I don't grasp everything that it entails.

1. WHY ARE THESE THEMES SO CHEESY?! They look like a flippin' hot air balloon with all these children colors and cheesy graphics-this is the number one thing from keeping me from rooting my Droid.

2. I don't understand this Metamorph. I think this utility is supposed to allow me to create my own themes, correct? I'd rather just download (decent ones at least) and install them.

It's funny that there are so many threads explaining this and how we should all stop asking what rooting is, well let me say this-there is not one thread that explains how to use Metamorph, how to back up your Droid, how update OTA when your rooted. It takes so much time for one person to go to each and every thread and read pages and pages about one specific topic instead of reading one thread that explains it ALL. Everything you could know about Rooting, Themes, UnRooting, OTA updates, Back to stock, and installing Rom's. Now please, without hesitation and/or insults, gather up all your knowledge and let us know exactly what to do and what each step requires.

Once again, I am fully aware of the warranty that is voided by rooting, and I do not need any replies that will put this post to shame. I simply want the facts, and that's it.
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