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Internet Tethering

So I did a search and found how to tether my Imagio to a laptop. I just need to find a particular file, and put a shortcut to my start menu.

I got that, shouldnt be to hard. Question now is, would this be me plugging into the laptop via a USB port, and what is the process for actually making this work?

We are going to be in an area with no internet, but phone service, and need to make reservations while we are there via internet. Without having to spend several hours driving back into town, I told the wife we can do this. So, I need to make this happen.

Do I just tell my laptop to think of my phone as a modem, do I need to tell my phone to think of the laptop as the main control, I just want to have an idea on how to test before we head out. The laptop will be running Vista. I have an Imagio with WM6.5 running NRGZ's ROM and 2012 Manilla.

Edit - And I found a WiFi router on my NRGZ ROM, that tells me how to set it up, so will give that a shot! Thanks for all the views!

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