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Re: Native HTC messaging MMS fix (collaboration)

Looks like we have a new version of HTC Messages out now!


I've installed it and it works very well -- much snappier than the previous versions on my TP2. Being on Sprint, though, no MMS is a real drag. I am hoping that the release of the new, better-performing version might reignite some of the interest in getting Sprint MMS working.

I would actually be content setting up jMMS to only receive MMS, and using sMMS to send MMS, however I can't seem to distill those instructions out of the thread. Can someone who's had success with such a configuration either point me to the post number, or give me the setting for Sprint to receive-only MMS using jMMS?

I tried installing Arcsoft for MMS features on top of HTC Messages, but it the Conversations would get really confused if the last message from a contact was an MMS. It was also strange to have to open the old WM Texting app, because sometimes I could open it, and other times it would open HTC Messages instead.

Answered my on question! Here are the settings for Sprint receive-only:

Server Name: (Whatever you like (default is SampleMMSC))
IP Address: (blank)
Port Number: 80
Server Address: http :// (replace with your phone #)
Connect Via: Sprint
Send Limit: 1024
WAP Version: None

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