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Originally Posted by rndchef View Post
I am using my car's bluetooth. I can start the call with my car's system. The only way I can hang up the phone is by pushing the button on the phone. It will not recognize the hang up from the car. It stays connected until I hang up on the phone. At times, you cannot make another call immediately in this process since it gets hung up so you have to wait. I get a message on the phone about not available something. PM if you want to know which ones I used that did not have this problem.

I am on May 14th Cookie. I just tried it out and had two results with bluetooth. First was instant disconnect and second was long delayed disconnect. Like several seconds before phone responded. I had to push the car's button several times to get it to hang up.
I have this problem too with the May 16 GTX ROM. Any fixes yet?

Also, I'm having a "ghosting" problem on my Windows applications screen. When I scroll up and down the page, the program icons blur. When I open the Tools folder, those programs overlay on the still visible icons from the prior screen. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks. But for these two glitches, I really like this ROM.
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