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Thumbs up Re: New VGA Version of Pocket e-Sword released, v3.1.0. Works with WM 6.5!!!

Originally Posted by Visor View Post
If you install the Bibles to your SD card you'll never have to reinstall them again. After you reinstall eSword just point it to the folder where you originally installed the Bibles and you're good to go. I do this everytime I flash which is quite a bit. Not sure I've ever seen a cab version for the Bibles....

A CAB for the Bibles would be great, but like you said, if it only has to be done the once, and I now have the cab of the esword program, then all should be good.

COme to think of it now, I should just be able to copy the files of the installed Bibles on my old Tytn SD card that I was using, and paste them in to the SD card in my Touch Pro 2, or ANY other SD card for that mater! LOL, who needs a cab if you can just keep a set of installed files stored somewhere eh?

Going to go giver a try.

Thanks a LOT guys!
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