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[Very Clean] WhiteStone WM6.5 C2 ★ C3 ★ C5 latest ver (Nov.10.2010) "

Hi all.

This is PDAVIET ROM for the Imagio and cooked by dinhtuandung2012 from box Imagio forum - Thank him so much.

Rom Info:

- The D3C5 use OS base Ship Rom WhiteStone 3.04.605.7 WWE

- Use new Manila 2.5 2018.1424_0 from the Ship Rom LEO_TMOUS_3.14.531.0.

- Integrated CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 PublicBeta & Co0kie.HomeTab v2.0.0 PublicBeta of author's Cookie Monster from XDA, thanks!

- Using the Icon HD2 of author DINIK from XDA, thanks!

- Using the Icon Battery Circular v3 of author Xaviedemon from XDA, thanks!

- Integrated Office Mobile 2010 and some other necessary PM.

- Update CleanRam v2.4.

- Update HTCMessaging_Client_1_8_20182229_00 additional security features Secure Message Box.

- Integration AutoInstall by Tom_codon, thanks !

- Ok.. for those of you looking for HQ Youtube this is the ROM! Wow.. I know what I've been missing.. it's like night and day!!.. a few videos seem to be out of sync but.. WOW! ~.~

Note: Required to be face-rom HardSPL before and after face-rom should HardReset completed.

Latest Ver:

- COM2 B 21916: Cookies HomeTab & Titanium
- COM3 B 23146
- COM5 B 23569: Cookies HomeTab & non

Some screenshot:

Link download:

Update ver: WhiteStone_WM6.5_D19C3.U1_Build 23146 5.3.10 PV Sense 2.5

Old ver:

1. ver COM 3 - B 23144
2. ver COM2 - B 21916
a. Titanium
b. Cookies HomeTab
3. ver COM5 - B 23569
a. Cookies HomeTab
b. non Cookies HomeTab

Use Winrar to Extract IMAGIO_WM6.5_D1C2_2***.rar get file RUU_signed.nbh

and then pls download Tool up ROM RUU_Imagio.rar

Use Winrar to Extract RUU_Imagio.rar get folder RUU_Imagio
Copy file RUU_signed.nbh to folder RUU_Imagio then run ROMUpdateUtility.exe
- Hard Reset after Up Rom.
- AutoInstall by make folder AutoInstall on the Stograge and copy *.cab to there.
Good luck !

Please let us know if this is working for you. Test and post bugs, error in this topic. Thank you.

AND Press Thanks Button IF U CAN

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