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Originally Posted by bsarlo View Post
All cabs, whether you use this beta version or the cooked in version are installed in numeric then alphbetic order. So, if you look at Riptide9's cab list, he has them all numbered. This is so they will install in that specific order.

As far as where the shortcut goes in the start menu, I am going to test some things on this 5/13 release. I'll let you know. I'm just going to follow the instructions NRG provided. I'll probably install all my apps to my storage card, copy the .lnk files that get created in the device start menu folder to the \XDA_UC\Start Menu\ folder which I will create, then re-flash. all of the apps that I had installed to my storage card will no longer be in the device start menu and XDA_UC will then move the .lnk files to the folder that I want them to. When I click on the shortcut in the start menu, it should open the app just fine. we'll see...
Thanks given for the detailed response, which I appreciate. As I said, my Sashimi is working so perfectly I'm hesitant to make a change that won't gain me any new capabilities, and might even take some away.

Riptide's numbered CABs are for his Sashimi setup, and I do the same with Sashimi as well. Glad to hear XDA_UC also supports this.

Looks like auto installing links to a specific folder is the only thing XDA_UC may not do yet. Let me know if you find a way to do it. In Sashimi, you simply create an entry in an ini file like "FreeCaddie*=Programs\GPS". This will put any links installed by CABS named FreeCaddie* into the GPS folder automatically. If a new version of the CAB creates new links or additional links, this will automatically handle it.

I'll keep watching XDA_UC develop and see if it catches up to Sashimi.

Thanks again for the detailed reply.
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