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Originally Posted by Jkennedy View Post
Correction, it does update now correctly with the tweet without switching back and forth between tabs now *however* it does not audibly notify for regular tweets. Only direct messages or mentions.

Is anyone aware of how to make it notify you of all tweet updates? I see registry entries for the notifications of direct messages and mentions they go like:

\HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\HTC\TwitterApp\IsTweetNewDirectMsgNT FOn with a value of 1 for yes of course.

other value is \IsTweetNewMentionsNTFOn with a value of 1. ?
OK! For anyone who wants to be notified for all tweets here is your answer!! I made a new registry key (pulled this one out of my a** and it worked!!!)

I added the following value right after the above values:

"\HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\HTC\TwitterApp\IsTweetNewTweetNTFOn" with a value of 1

And it worked!!! Now all tweet updates I get from anyone (In this case we're using it at work only for all teammates.... we get the audible and vibrating notification for all tweets.


Yay! Hope this helps someone else out there!
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