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Originally Posted by yardizidifer View Post
Correct me if Im wrong, but isn't this a CDMA forum? Don't you think you have a better chance of getting your question answered if you post on NRGZ GSM roms thread?
idk which forum to go to so i actually posted this message in in this thread on xda and they said the same thing about sending me here..... funy how that works. but i did just get a reply from a guy about an hour ago who wrote:

Hmm, ok, so you're "roaming" on GSM using your CDMA phone ? Trouble is, you're asking if a cab will work on a CDMA ROM, and we're all GSM folks here, so we have no idea. The AT&T folks here will know how to set up AT&T stuff on their GSM phones, but the CDMA ROM might have some different stuff in ?

Sounds to me like you should just set the AT&T MMS settings manually. I did a Google search and found the AT&T MMS settings for the Tilt2 on HTC's website -

now that was the first reply ive gotten from either forum that helped a bit. i did what he suggested and made a new server with all the new settings but the "connect via" drop down menu doesnt have att's "media net" option. im assuming this is due to the fact im using a cdma rom and obviously would have no use for that option. now is there any way to make this option available and working by adding it in the registry somehow? i think we are getting somewhere here and im sure theres got to be a way to make this mms work. im willing to give anyone any needed registy or any other info needed.
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