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Originally Posted by mrstak View Post
Hey does everyone's phone data connection stay connected even though its not necessary? I don't know if its killing my battery or not but I assume so. Is there any way to kill the data connection or set it to stop after no new updates for a minute or something? I set my gmail to check for new mail once every hour but last time I checked my phone the data connection was active for the past 65 hours...
I have the same issue. I have tried everything i can find. The data just stays on. You can manually turn it off, but as soon as it checks email or weather it comes back on and stays on. It does kill the battery. I can last twice as long when it shuts off automatically. I have one workaround for it, but, it comes with a catch. If i make a registry change my data will shut off auto but there is a delay when i try to answer the phone. Long enough that i miss "some" calls.

This is what I do. - lol - ya i have put far to much time into it!
I created a mortscript that will toggle the reg setting. Then set it up as a dummy exe and add a shortcut to the start menu. From there I have added a quicklink on my home screen. The mortscript will change the quicklink icon and text to show me which mode I am in. At the office i will run in what i call 'phone mode'. When im not recieving many calls i run in 'data mode'.

The reg settings are:
Phone Mode
SuspendResume = #777

Data Mode
SuspendResume = 58 00 00 00 33 00 99 00 88 00 39 00 58 00 39 00 29

Try the Data Mode setting and see if it will shut off automatically. If so, and you want my mortscript PM me. This post is long enough...

What i havn't accomplished -yet- is the ability to change the quicklink icon without reseting manila. I really want to be able to do this just like cookie does with the weather quicklink. Anybody now how?
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