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Re: ║║ ║Windows Phone®║ ║Update Now Available!║

Originally Posted by gabbythe1 View Post
Is anyone experiencing fast battery drainage with the SE Version? I left my house for work this morning at 8:30 and my phone was fully charged. I have been using Slacker Radio, no phone calls, just a few text and now I am at 40% Battery level.
Any one else having the same issue please report.
It's too early to tell since I haven't cycled enough times (on #2), but I've noticed Slacker over Wifi sucked up about 10% battery per hour on my first cycle.

I took it off the charger yesterday morning and with a couple dozen texts and ten calls I'm at 55% right now (36 hours later). Just turned on Slacker over the Phone Speaker so I'll post up with my batt life in a bit.