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Nibbley Sense 2.5 HD2 TMobile GSM 21901 2.11.1 WWE 30APR2010

Here is a ROM with the basics and a few add ins.
This is built off of the 2.11 Basic ROM WWE (6.5)

I want to give thanks to RSTOYGUY for all his help and the kitchen!
And of course the guys that built the kitchen basics so we can use it! You all know who you are.
Also Digicast Solutions for the great backgrounds.

Remember with any ROM to be installed onto a HD2 you must first HSPL your phone read about it here:

This ROM does not update the Radio, if you wish to update see about it here:
I recommend the 2.10 Radio, but try all 3 and see which one works best in your area.

Here is the download link for the ROM:

Here is the build info:
Guitar Hero Link, MobiTV, IM group, Teeter, Transformers link, IME Keyboard w/swype, Manila 2.5, Sense 2.5 with the following:
QuickMenu, Calendar (transparent), 24hr clock enable, No clock flip, transparent curtains, R3devils colored icons, bottom slider, Weather animations are disabled (you can enable them)
ZTweaks_Don, extra wallpapers
Other additions:
Co0kie’s Hometab’s with Swiss clock, B4all, CHTEditor
Dutty E-Reader with some books
Tacchan23 Taskbar
Bing 5.1
Blockbuster 2.45
DivXPlayer V.93
Google Translator
My Phone 1.6.2718
Resco Explorer 2010
SpB Screenshot
PIM Backup 2.8
WI-FI Router 1.2.2 (HTC version)
WM Marketplace
Manila Birthday
Opera Mobile 10 w/tweaks
Group SMS
MP3 Trimmer
Slacker Radio
Bonus Sounds (thanks RSTOYGUY)
Deluxe Moon
Groove Mobile
Google Maps 4.1
T-Mobile My Account
XDA Shutdown
Chainfire Patch
MMS Send/size fix

Give it a try! Let me know what you think and please post any bugs/problems.

If you look at the memory picture, this is typical for the 1024 HD2, not the 512 LEO
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