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Re: HTC HD2.... Anyone have one?

Been using my HD2 for just over 2 months totally moded out, love the screen and over all size. Here is what I am running...

Under the Hood
OS: 5.2.23557
Manila: 2.5.20121412.1
ROM: Duttys M-Lang 6.5.5 V1.4 WWE

* Co0kie's Home Tab
* JCM Development CHTEditor
* DV SMS Time stamp Fixer
* Manila 2.5 Today Page (gives you another tab for your today screen have SBSH Phoneweaver & PocketBreeze installed)
* Satod Mods B4all (Enables Wallpaper for all tabs)
* Aluke Taskbar 6.5.x - Miri
* Steve007 Fix Volume (For Taskbar)
* Touch X Bluetooth Toggle
* Touch X Reset and Wifi
* Touch X Start Menu Icons
* Touch X Calendar Tab background (Makes Calendar background transparent)
* Touch X Landscape (Enables full landscape mode for Manila)

* Opera Mobile 10
* Panoramic moTweets
* Panoramic Wifi Hero
* Resco Explorer + LeSScro Resco WP7 skin
* Resco Photo Manager
* Resco Registry Add-in
* TomTom Navigator
* SBSH Calendar Touch
* SBSH PhoneWeaver
* SBSH PocketBreeze
* Shazam Encore
* SPB Backup
* SPB News
* SPB Radio
* SPB Time
* SPB Wallet
* SPB Wireless Monitor
* Market Place
* HTC eReader

Well thats me for now...

HTC HD2, Laurentius26 GoldEdition V2.1 WWE 23568 | iPhone 3G 16GB, 3.1.3 | Moto Q9h, WM6.

A (H) indicates a post on my HTC HD2.

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