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Originally Posted by cocoabro View Post
Been an issue for a while. It's intermittent with me, so I just end all my calls with the phone's End button. Sucks, but what sucks worse is that occasionally it won't answer the calls properly.
Same issue here man I'm using the plantronics bluetooth headset. When a calls comes in 8 out of 10 times if I press the call answer button it will answer the call but there are those 2 times when I press the button I hear a loud beep sound and nothing the call goes to voice mail. Also I would have to say 3 out of 10 times if I press the disconnect button on my bluetooth it will work but very very rarely will it disconnect the call the instance it press the button. All the time however regardless if I press the button or if I press the end now button on my phone its at least 8-15 second delay in actually dropping the connection. I believe there is a bluetooth disconnect cab registry edit that was released for mighty rom a while back trying to locate it now and going to try that and see if that fixes the issue other then that I'm using the new rom with cookie home tab 1.7 and thats the only issue I have awesome awesome rom now if I can only get this bluetooth issue fixed.
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