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Re: |I|6.5.5|ROM|WWE| ★ Energy Series 23557/21898 |Apr 12| ★ Sense 2.5 / 2.1 /Titaniu

Originally Posted by phaimowitz View Post
Some bugs/feedback on the new Cookie 23557 ROM (April 13 edition):

1) Rearranging the Manila tabs isn't working properly for me. It eliminates the tabs you uncheck but only loads the tabs in the order you set up in the settings some of the time.

2) My subjective impression is that this build isn't quite as stable as previous builds, I find myself resetting a lot so far.

3) Amazing speed to start up! Very nice.

4) All the new Cookie features really are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Too bad my corporate exchange settings force me to use the stock locker (/cough I'd be happy to take suggestions on how to work around this).

5) The music tab doesn't seem to be holding onto my list of music from my SD card when I reset and it's acting slow to compile the list.

I've got two other suggestions, I don't know how feasible either might be:
a) Reenable the volume buttons when the screen is off. They used to work in the stock ROM but not since I unlocked and started flashing NRG's stuff.
b) This one is harder (if not impossible). Could we get one of the soft keys for the Manila e-mail tab to be a "mark as read" button? SPB Mobile Shell has a setup like this where you can flip through your paned emails real quick and mark them as read as you flip through. I suppose it would also help if there was some sort of visual queue to tell you if you've marked the email as read without opening it or going to the inbox as well.

Thanks again to NRG for making awesome ROMs!
I second the highlighted issue. I had to soft reset 11 times today and did a reflash. Im running the april 13th 21XXX cookie build. SMS constantly locked up the device and the weather on my home screen keeps reverting back to a blocky white box. SMS keeps have a discrepancy between whats shown in the tab and whats there when you press "all messages. Also when i go into "all messages" and then click on one sometimes i get a 60 second pause with the lil blue spinning wheels spinning before ... and if... it loads the message. On a good note battery life seems good and when its not locked up it runs fast. The new Cookie layout is pretty cool to. But the constant resetting is a big issue.
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