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Re: HOW TO: Recover a Diamond that won't get past the boot screen! (Instructions)

i got a bad flash on my diamond. most of the time it hangs at the boot screen but sometimes it will load. my problem is that the phone no longer wants to be recognized when i plug a usb cord in. if it is booted the phone asks what i want to do but whatever i choose doesnt make a difference. activesync wont see it and it wont show up as a mass storage device either. i have a rom on the internal storage but it is the one that semi bricked my phone. if i try and connect in the bootloader screen it just says serial at the bottom and the ruu flasher will not see it. it just errors out with a usb connection failure. ive tried different usb cords and inputs on my computer. im running out of ideas here. any input would be appreciated. just to note: usb connection worked fine before bad flash and the phone has no problem charging from usb. also when it does boot into the os it is only functional for a few minutes. i have to reflash bad rom from internal storage to get past boot screen after phone locks up.
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