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Re: Does Sprint offer the Moment as a replacement for the Touch Pro?

First off all these negative comments about Sprint are strange to me! as a business user I called them up told them I was having problems again and asked if I could upgrade to the moment, no questions asked they said sure and within 20 min had my phone and on my way. I find working with Sprint to be a pleasure on most occasions.

I went through 2 touch pros, then decided to jump on the android wagon with the moment. I always had problems using the TP (and I am a windows mobile developer!). There were just quirks that should have never been there for a machine of that caliber.

Well I gotta say there are some growing pains switching to android. But the moment is so much more refined. Everything works as advertised. No more stupid head phone adapter (that was the worst idea on the planet). There are some negatives, it seems that google is really trying to get everyone on it's cloud. I really like to be in control of where all my data sits and don't care to use online storage. However unfortunatly you will need to use gmail to sync calender and contacts with your outlook unless you have an exchange server. And there is a definite lack of software that syncs to my computer without using more online storage. What I've come down to is to use Documents to Go and store all my information in secure documents that I can manually sync when I plug in the phone. On the Touch Pro I had outline based notes applications that would sync everything with a desktop application to store all my information. It's just a different way of doing things that I will probably get used to. So just be prepared if you have a lot of personal/business information that you sync with your desktop on WinMo you will either need to embrace the cloud or do what I did with a more manual solution.

All this has a plus side it has driven me to begin to investigate development for android...
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