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Re: Task29...a explanation.

Uh oh

"Q: OMG, I did Task29 and now I can't bot into windows to flash a new ROM.
A: Establish a active-sync connection by 1) Going into bootloader from power off by pushing and holding Power+Volume down until you see the tricolor screen. Connect your phone to you PC, wait till it says USB on the bottom, flash as normal. Or 2) Place the rhodimg.nbh (orginally named ruu_signed.nbh) on the root of the storage card and go into bootloader using above method."

I did Task29, and my connection to my PC is missing. My Ipod Touch is still able to be recognized so it doesn't seem to be a PC or USB issue. Same USB cord I was using previously for my phone. I get the HTC white screen and no connection at all. I hold the Power and Volume Down button and get nothing , no tri color screen no beeping , no rebooting, just sore fingers. I pull the battery out, wait a minute , put it back in HTC white boot screen and no connection no changes when I hold power and volume down. I don't have a card reader so do I now own an expensive paper weight? Please any help or assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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