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Task29...a explanation.

Ok, I have seen a few questions around the forums asking about Task29, so with this post I hope to answer all.

Q: What is Task29?
A: While the exact details of what Task29 does is beyond the scope of this post, in short what it does is wipe the RAM on your device.

Q: Why would I use Task29?
A: When flashing custom ROM's, you will find after a lot of flashes that things are buggy. You can help most of these bugs disappear when you do a clear storage. However, after many flashes, clear storage doesn't seem to clear all bugs.

Q: So what does Clear Storage do?
A: When you flash a ROM, you overwrite the data on you RAM chip with new data. Sometimes data that might be on a block in one ROM may not exist in another ROM. As a result, since the data doesn't exist in the second ROM, you don't overwrite it. That data then interferes with the new ROM. Clear Storage attempts to "wipes" all the data off the chip...but not all of it. Comes close, but there is still old data sometime.

Q: What is the difference between Clear storage and a Hard Reset with the button combo?
A: A Clear Storage, for reasons beyond the scope of this post, clears more data then doing a Hard Reset with the button combo. Both methods clear all data.

Q: What does "The Flash Dance" do?
A: Since stuff still can be left behind even after a clear storage, you sometimes need to flash your SP's (Service Providers) Stock ROM. The stock RUU goes through Task28 before the flash. Task28 clears FATFS (storage memory), Task29 clears BINFS (where our XIP is and the files we cooked in to a rom). So technically, flashing stock is even better then this...more info1, more info2
Q: All of this was great, what does it have to with Task29?
A: Task29 "wipes" EVERY SINGLE block with blank data. After running Task29, you should not be able to boot past the splash screen! Sine you wiped the entire chip (instead of overwriting with a different ROM)

Q: OMG, I did Task29 and now I can't bot into windows to flash a new ROM.
A: Establish a active-sync connection by 1) Going into bootloader from power off by pushing and holding Power+Volume down until you see the tricolor screen. Connect your phone to you PC, wait till it says USB on the bottom, flash as normal. Or 2) Place the rhodimg.nbh (orginally named ruu_signed.nbh) on the root of the storage card and go into bootloader using above method.

Q: What is that I hear about Radio flashing etc?
A: Task29 runs from a RUU just like a custom ROM/Radio. It needs to flash something, since we don't want to use a ROM, we can use 1 of 2 things...a Radio or a Splash Screen.

Q: Can I just flash my current radio? Or must I change to a different one?
A: You can use your current one if you want.

Q: Should I re-flash the Radio or the Splash Screen?
A: I would HIGHLY recommend only re-flashing the Splash Screen. One of the ways to brick a phone is a bad radio flash. Splash Screens are much safer.

Q: Can you make this simple for me?
A: Flash this. No radio, nothing. All packed up for you (p.s. it does the bootscreen). Just unzip and flash like a ROM.

Q:Step by Step please.
A: 1)Place phone in bootloader. (From power off state, press and hold volume down, then press and release power)
2) Connect phone to computer
3) Run the RUU linked above (first it unpacks, then it asks you some basic questions/steps)
a) First screen, just place a check in the box, click next
b) Second screen, place check in the box, click next. Please have a bit of battery (at least 20%) before you do this!
c) Third screen it flashes the bootscreen.
d) Forth it gives you a all done message.
4) When RUU finishes, place phone back in bootloader and flash ROM.

Q: Do I need to be Radio-Unlocked?
A: You need to be HSPL Unlocked...which if you are flashing ROM's you are. Nothing else.

Q: Where can I find the OFFICAL Task29 thread?
A: Here.

P.S. - Please note that there is no "readme" included in the RUU that Ziggy provides.
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