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Re: [ROM] 03.25.2010 StedySoft "FullDeck r.01" Sense 2.5.2012.1412.1 ~ COM5 Build 235

So I just HSPL'd my phone and decided to use your rom first. After using it for 15 min and setting stuff up I couldn't get it to connect to my computer it would always come up as this device could not be started in win7. So I rebooted the phone, still nothing. Then I did a hard reset.... bad idea.... My phone would connect to my computer but for some reason it would not connect to the internet even after putting in my number and crap. I then looked at the phone settings and noticed my phone number was something like 000-000-8042 which is defiantly wrong. I did another HReset same shit.

WTF happened? How do I fix this. (this is actually my gf's phone so hopefully we can figure this out soon so she doesn't freak out).

Thanks everyone.
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