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HTC HD2.... Anyone have one?

(H) Hi all

Been awhile since I've been in this site, however watching on Twitter.

I am now the proud owner of an HTC HD2, been a bit if a learning curve. Great to be back on WinMo after using my iPhone for the last year or so. I have updated the HD2 ROM to HK (WWE) 1.72 to get rid of Telstra's crap apps.

This is my first experience with TF3D, must admit I like it a lot. Have being installing my fav apps again & looking for similar apps that I had used on my iPhone.

* SPB Backup
* SPB Wireless Monitor
* SPB Wallet
* SPB News
* Resco Explorer
* Mobipocket
* ComicReader Mobile

Well is there are any other HD2 users out there, what apps are you using etc...


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